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Saturday, October 15th

Where:  Naco Taco Patio

               297 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139


When:   Doors at 7:00PM

This night is 100% outside with very few options to escape to the indoors for warmth, so PLEASE dress for the weather.
There is a RAIN DATE scheduled for OCTOBER 22ND.
This night is a 1st for us: We will be as communicative as possible leading up to the event. 

Rafael Pease "Connections Film" (short)

Showtime: 8:00PM

In this borderless global documentary, splitboard mountaineer and producer Rafael Pease and crew travel to eight different locations in all corners of the world. Experiencing the most unique untold stories of the ecological conscious that resides deep in the soul of the mountains. Told through the perspective of legendary humans who coincide in these very places. Trudging gear into unseen locations the crew works tirelessly to capture the true essence of being one with the mountain.


Tordrillo Range  -  Pamir Range  -  Hokkaido  -  British Columbia  -   Patagonia  -   Chugach Range  -  Talas Ala-Too Range  -  Andes 

Afterhours Creative & 686 "Recoup: Cam Pierce"

Showtime: 8:05PM

Filming a video part is no easy feat. It requires incredible dedication, spot-searching, a good attitude, and a body capable of taking endless blows. Let alone skills on a snowboard.
After years of filming break-through video parts with Forum and then 686, professional snowboarder Cam Pierce temporarily met his match in Quebec City / January 2015 while filming for '686 Seconds.'
Recoup is a short tale of Cam's road to recovery & his re-introduction into the world of snowboard filming.

Dogy Down Films "Season on the Brink"

Showtime: 8:15PM

Mother nature is neither for you nor against you, just indifferent. A lot happened last winter; some of it great and some of it terrible. Come along for the ride with a group of close friends who set out to explore deeper into the northeastern backcountry, and along the way came face-to-face with the harsh realities of making sound decisions in the mountains.

Filmed in Vermont, New York, New Hampshire and Quebec.

Inspired Media & Tanner Hall "Ring the Alarm"

Showtime: 8:40PM

'Ring the Alarm’ is a 2 year movie project featuring the skiing of skiing icon Tanner Hall and friends. The movie will document Tanner in the backcountry of British Columbia and Alaska while bringing you into his unique prospective of big mountain skiing.

Absinthe Films "AfterForever"
Showtime: 9:20PM

Change is the only constant. Resistance leads to stagnation and suffering while embracing it brings growth. What comes AfterForever? Everything.

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